The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide

This essential book on fly tying will teach anyone how to tie flies. All the important techniques are illustrated with color photographs, from starting the thread on the hook to whip finishing. The book lays the basic ground work by fully explaining simple tying techniques, and then progresses to detailed tying instructions for some of the most popular, modern patterns. How to choose and prepare the correct material, and all the necessary tying steps for each fly, are detailed in superb, large, color photographs.

Even if you have no previous tying experience, you'll be able to tie dries, nymphs, streamers, saltwater offerings, and bass bugs after just a few sessions with this book. The tyer is then advised how to progress to similar patterns using the same basic techniques. Also included is a huge reference of fly patterns - more than four hundred flies from the Orvis catalog are shown in full color, along with the tying recipes and proportions for each one. This book, drawing from the Orvis Company's vast resources and teaching experience and written by an author whose name is synonymous with Orvis, has become the bible for fly-tyers of all skill levels.

8.5 x 11 inches, 328 pages, color, sofcover



“The most complete beginner’s guide to fly fishing in print.” --John Randolph, editor of Fly Fisherman magazine

“This is a thorough, practical, and enormously helpful book.” --Paul Schullery, author of American Fly Fishing and Royal Coachman

“One of the finest texts on the craft of fly tying ever written . . . should be in the library of every tyer.” —Dave Klausmeyer, editor, Fly Tyer magazine

About the Author

Tom Rosenbauer has been a fly fisher for nearly four decades, and was tying flies commercially at age fourteen. He is the author of numerous books, including The Orvis Guide to Reading Trout Streams, The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, The Orvis Streamside Guide to Trout Foods and Their Imitations, and The Orvis Streamside Guide to Leaders, Knots, and Tippets, as well as countless articles for American Angler, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and other periodicals. He is a vice president at the Orvis Company in Manchester, Vermont, and lives in nearby Arlington.

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