our mission

The MidCurrent Marketplace exists for the sole purpose of connecting fly anglers to amazing products, not typically found in your typical fly shop. 

MidCurrent Marketplace is the best place to shop for custom flies, paintings, prints, photographs, clothing, books, and unique fly gear. We like to think of ourselves as an online bazaar, where shoppers can explore a vast range of products and digital storefronts from the comfort of their home or the ease of their smartphone. We strive to discover the best independent brands, artist, and fly tyers and bring their products to the fly fishing community.

how the marketplace works

We Follow Four Principles

  • We only sell high-quality products made by artists, small businesses, and independent brands and manufacturers.
  • We offer vendors a platform on which to offer their products with very minimal overhead.
  • We do not charge shoppers to use any of our services.
  • We seek to provide a safe, easy-to-use, and enjoyable shopping experience.

How it works

MidCurrent Marketplace is platform, where vendors from across the world gather online to sell their products and services. Whether you’re looking for a custom bronze sculpture of that beautiful tarpon you caught last summer, or a collection of flies tied by master Polish fly tyer for your upcoming New Zealand trip or just some cool stickers for the truck window, we’ve got you covered!

Vendors create a page on the Marketplace where they can show off their products to potential customers. MidCurrent Marketplace hosts all transactions, as well as facilitates shipping and fulfillment to ensure a seamless shopping and selling experience for everyone involved.

For shoppers

Know what you’re looking for? Try using the search function. If not, you can view products by category from the menu at the top of this page. If you’d rather a more traditional “mall” experience, feel free to view our list of vendors also found in the menu above. Below are a couple quick tips to help you with your shopping experience:

  • Each vendor is an independent store and is responsible for your order. Vendor ratings and shipping times can be found in a product’s thumbnail as well as in the vendor’s storefront.
  • Each vendor you purchase from will ship from a different location. To avoid excess shipping charges, try to purchase multiple items from the same vendor when possible.
  • Vendors set their own return policies. Contact Marketplace support if you have any issues with your product or refund.

If you have any question, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page or email our customer support team here FAQ.

For Vendors

Looking to get your products in front of more customers? How about a busy mall, where everyone is an angler? Think of us as that mall, but in an online environment. MidCurrent Marketplace is a platform where vendors and small businesses from across the world can gather and sell their products in one location. We offer our core services without any up-front cost, instead, work solely on commission, all of which will be reinvested into marketing and improving the MidCurrent experience. We also offer premium plans and upgrades for any vendors who may be interested. These include:

  • Customizable storefronts
  • Catalog management and development
  • Shipping and fulfillment option
  • Marketing packages and product promotion

Getting set up with your own storefront in our marketplace is a quick and painless process.

Simply fill out a vendor request form, wait for same-day approval, sign up for an account and choose your plan. Then you may upload images and descriptions of your products and create your storefront as you see fit. After that, you’re all ready to start selling products and managing your store!

Transaction Process

  1. Customer adds items to cart.
  2. Customer checks out and makes payment.
    a. Payment is held by Stripe sales software
    b. The vendor is informed an item has been purchased on MidCurrent Marketplace and is waiting vendor approval.
    c. Once the vendor approves, the customer is notified and the vendor has five business days to submit a shipping label to our transaction team and ship out the order. If the the order is not shipped on time, the vendor may face a loss of ratings, payout delays, and potential cancellation of the order in which case the client's money will be refunded immediately. Exceptions are made for approved custom items such as commission work and custom tied flies.
  3. Vendor ships order.
    a. Receipt and tracking information is sent to customer and vendor.
  4. Product arrives to customer.

Have any questions? Contact us