Custom Fly Collection: "Eclipse Exclusives" by Scott Hetzer

Custom Fly Collection:
Custom Fly Collection:
Custom Fly Collection:

    Custom Fly Collection: "Eclipse Exclusives" by Scott Hetzer



    The Eclipse Exclusives box is a specialty selection of 24 or 48 premium flies designed by renowned tier Scott Hetzer and housed in Fishpond’s popular "Tacky Day Box." Produced in the USA by Hetzer's Eclipse Fly Co., it features an assortment of patterns that are available only through MidCurrent.

    Utilizing a variety of size, color, material, and target species, this box is broadly imitative and effective regardless of time or place. Tied with NymphMaster competition-grade hooks and tungsten, these patterns sink rapidly, drift properly, and allow for an expeditious landing/fighting process.

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    Patterns/Flies Included

    4/8 x #10 Mottled Simi Seal Leech 

    Simi Seal Leech Fly

    The Mottled Simi Seal Leech is a wildly productive micro streamer. Using Spawn Fly Fishing’s Sand Dab Simi Seal material and a brown/red mottled tungsten bead, it has a huge range of imitative capabilities and has beautiful action when fished. It’s ability to be dead drifted, swung, or retrieved make it versatile and incredibly fun to fish.

    4/8 x #14 Yellow Stone Diver

    Yellow Stone Diver

    With origins derived from the 'Diver' style European nymph, the Yellow Stone Diver is uniquely imitative, durable, and buggy.  A long, probing tail, midge-sized D-Rib body, UV collar and UV-coated wingpad make this fly super attractive and will put fish in the net.  (All Eclipse patterns that utilize UV Resins go through 2 phases of curing - a preliminary electronic cure, followed by a direct sun cure)!

    4/8 x #12 Mottled Olive Frenchie 

    Mottled Olive Frenchie

    The Mottled Olive Frenchie is a unique and invigorated variation of the competition-winning fly we’ve all come to love. A speckled tungsten head, custom SLF collar, and Ultraviolet Coq De Lyon tail allow this pattern to reach its full imitative potential.

    4/8 x #16 UV Purple Tag

    UV Purple Tag

    The UV Purple Tag is a pattern that should always be at the ready.  Its synthetically buggy appearance make it both an exceptional imitation pattern as well as an attractor pattern. Using Textreme Antron, Nymphmaster’s specialty ‘Vampire Peacock’ dubbing and a bead to match, this fly takes full advantage of the trout’s ability to see in the UV Spectrum. While perfectly effective in full light, UV colors have a stand-out appearance in lower light conditions.

    4/8 x #14 Holy Grail Emerger

    Holy Grail Emerger

    The ‘Holy Grail Emerger' is a true fish catching machine that is extremely versatile, consistent, and fun to fish.  As an emerger pattern, the Holy Grail can be effective during the dead drift as well as on the swing.  A naturally buggy body, contrasting pheasant tail wing pad, and UV hotspot make this fly impossible to resist.

    4/8 x #18 Caddis Walt’s Worm

    Caddis Walt's Worm

    The Caddis variation of the Walt’s Worm is both practical and effective.  The traditional Walt’s Worm comes with high praise, though with this color scheme and profile makes for an exceptional larvae imitation.  An olive body, opalescent ribbing, florescent thread collar and jet black bead provide attractiveness and durability.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Flies!!!!!!!!

    Scott goes above and beyond on every fly. The consistency, quality and attention to detail is remarkable. These things are pure works of art that flat out catch fish!!!!!